Time to Order Your Seeds

January 9, 2019 – Gardener’s Journal –
It’s time to look through the seed catalogs and order seeds for the coming year. I grow vegetables from seed and a selection of very uncommon perennials that can only be found by growing from seed. My husband and I love our lettuce and Wild Garden Seed Company offers a very large selection of interesting varieties that are certified organic.

I must admit I did already order some perennial seeds in December and have already sown some that required cold stratification. Eryngium (sea holly) and Sarracenia (pitcher plant) require a warm-cold-warm period to germinate. Some seeds require cold immediately to germinate (less than 5 degrees Celsius), so the fridge works well for these seeds. The thermometer reads 0 degrees Celsius, which is ideal. We will see.

I have a hard cover journal in which I record: the date of sowing, plant name, how many seeds were sown, how many germinated and the seed source. This is valuable information for future reference. I am always amazed that a seed contains all the knowledge it requires to grow into something so beautiful.

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Lorraine Roberts
Lorraine Roberts is a lifelong organic gardener, environmental advocate and educator for sustainable gardening methods, horticulturist, garden designer, photographer and author of two books: A Recipe for Continuous Bloom & Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden. Lorraine and her husband Robert are the creators and owners of the multi-award winning botanical garden and organic perennial nursery - Plant Paradise Country Gardens located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. Every spring you'll find Lorraine in the greenhouse potting the thousands of perennials they grow and sell at Plant Paradise Country Gardens.

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