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Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Planting Instructions for Organic Gardening Success

1. Dig hole
2. Add certified organic worm castings in the hole
3. Mix with your existing soil
4. Re-dig the hole
5. Place plant in the hole
6. Mix 1 tsp. of Root Rescue (mycorrhizal fungi) with water in a 7 liter watering can.
6- Pour some of the Root Rescue solution on the roots in the hole
7. Cover half way with soil
8. Use a mug/scoop and add a circle around the plant with the Gaia Green 4-4-4 Organic Fertilizer.  We recommend wearing a dust mask when handling the Gaia Green 4-4-4- organic fertilizer.
9. Cover with soil to the top.
10. Water in with more Root Rescue.
11. Fertilize with Gaia Green Fertilizer 4-4-4 and top dress your gardens yearly with worm castings

Root Rescue is a one time application for the life of the plant or until it is moved or divided. Root Rescue (mycorrhizal fungi) can be added when initially planting or even on existing gardens that have already been planted. This will naturally enhance and accelerate root growth which will create greater performance and resistance to drought, disease and pests.

We have been using this method of planting for many years and have had great success growing everything from perennials, annuals, vegetables, shrubs, evergreens and trees…

By supporting environmentally sustainable organic gardening methods you’ll be a part of a positive change that makes a difference in our environment. We believe you’ll see the difference. Our gardens and the high quality plants we sell are a testament to organic gardening methods.

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