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The Gardener's Club

The Gardener's Club at Plant Paradise Country Gardens

The Gardener’s Club at Plant Paradise Country Gardens is for savvy gardeners who enjoy saving money and see the value of well rooted, unique, organically grown perennials and essential gardening supplies that cannot be found in regular retail garden centers. 

The Gardener’s Club is the exclusive resource for buying gardening supplies and unique, high quality, organically grown perennials at discounted prices. The curated catalog of perennials and gardening supplies is member driven. It is based on what members want to buy and grow in their garden. Requests from members for plants to grow and products to offer are highly recommended and encouraged. We grow “on demand” for what you want to purchase.

Non-members may pre-order and pre-pay for plants and gardening supplies at regular retail pricing. Non-members can inquire with their specific plant and gardening supply requests here.

The Gardener’s Club member receives benefits that include:

1.       Discounts on gardening supplies that make your garden grow better. Fertilizer, worm castings, Root Rescue, tools and so much more…

2.       Members only – discounted pricing on healthy, organically grown perennials and plant divisions.

3.       We grow exclusively for you. Choose from our unique, curated list of perennials and plants that are hardy to our growing region. Make a suggestion or request if you need something not  on the list. Place your order early for plants and gardening supplies to ensure availability.

4.       A member’s only monthly newsletter that is filled with pertinent gardening information.

5.       Ongoing support to answer your gardening questions.

For the low, yearly fee of $125.00 become a member to receive the many benefits The Gardener’s Club has to offer.

The Gardener’s Club was created by perennial expert, garden designer and author Lorraine Roberts to share her love of gardening and growing hard-to-find, hardy perennials. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at Plant Paradise Country Gardens.