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Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset (yellow prairie grass)

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1 gallon container
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Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset (yellow prairie grass) has an upright stature, clean olive-green foliage and numerous early yellow and golden-bronze flowers.Yellow prairie grass is adaptable to a wide range of soils, but prefers rich, silty-loams in full sun. It is tolerant of drought, cold, acidity, salinity, and heavy clay soils.Sorghastrum nutans is a North American native grass and is one of the four dominant warm-season grasses found in a tallgrass prairie with Schizachyrium scoparium, Andropogon gerardii, and Panicum virgatum. (Photos courtesy of University of Minnesota)

1 gallon container

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Soil: Rich silty loam, Clay tolerant
  • Moisture: Average – Dry – Moist
  • Benefits: Cut-flower, Deer-resistant, Easy, Filler, Drought Tolerant
  • Height: 4-6 feet
  • Blooms: August to October
  • Foliage: Olive green half inch wide
  • Spacing: 36 inches
  • Growth Habit: Clump
  • Zones: 3-9

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