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Gaia Green 4-4-4 Certified Organic Fertilizer – 10kg bag

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Simply the best certified organic fertilizer for growing everything. Especially good for growing vegetables.

Organic garden fertilizers contain natural plant and mineral elements to ensure a complete balance of nutrients. They are ecologically friendly with low environmental impact that will feed the soil and the plants, build good root system and improves soil microbial activity. The brand we have been using for many years with great success is Gaia Green 4-4-4 All Purpose Certified Organic Fertilizer.

It is an excellent choice for landscapes, vegetables and flower gardens. This blend combines a wide array of ingredients and is the only all purpose fertilizer incorporating glacial rock dust and fossilized carbon complex. The ingredients in this powerful blend provide a range of essential nutrients required for flourishing plants and fostering great soil health.

Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers are natural slow release that build soil organic matter, and do not leach from the root zone so more of the fertilizer will be used by the plants. Over time as soil structure improves, less fertilizer will be required, significantly reducing the long term costs of fertilizing organically.

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