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Heucherella & Heuchera

Heuchera & Heucherella

Heuchera commonly known as Coral Bells are a semi-evergreen, hardy perennial that make a wonderful addition to the garden border. They form leafy, rounded mounds of foliage that are available in a wide range of leaf colours, shapes and variegations. All Heuchera have flowers that provide nectar for pollinators.

They are easy, low maintenance plants that grow best in well drained soil. We add certified organic worm castings into our heavy clay soil. This will provide soil that allows the roots to grow freely. In the spring we clean up and remove all last year’s foliage to allow for new fresh leaves to emerge. We also add mycorrhizal fungi and Gaia Green 4-4-4 certified organic fertilizer when planting to help increase faster root growth. Do not bury the crown of the plant too deep or it will rot and die.

Almost all Heuchera with dark leaves can tolerate full sun and even some of the green leaved Heuchera can tolerate sun quite well.  As an organic perennial nursery, we have been growing and trialing many of the new Heuchera cultivars that have been coming out in recent years.  We have found many not to be durable and vigorous growers for our cold Canadian winters.

Heuchera Paris is one of the best Coral Bells we have grown. It is one of the longest blooming Coral Bells and it will grow well in shade or sun (with adequate moisture). In our Zone 5, cold Canadian winters we have found it best to stay away from Heuchera hybrids that have been bred with Heuchera villosa as a parent. Only a few of these have stood the test of time. The new Heuchera NORTHERN EXPOSURE collection of Coral Bells has been bred from the hardy Heuchera richardsonii and has proven to be a very reliable, garden worthy perennial for us.

Heucherella is a variety of perennial that is a cross between a Heuchera and a Tiarella (foamflower). This breeding provides a hardier, more vigorous plant for colder climates that also have exquisite foliage.

Below are some of the best Heuchera and Heucherella we have grown. They have been long-lived, vigorous and hardy perennials in our gardens and for our customers. Check them out and receive growing information by clicking on the plant names. 

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