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Heliopsis Heliopsis (AKA – False Sunflower) are long-blooming, easy-to-grow, hardy perennials that flower June until September, making them an essential plant for continuous bloom in the perennial garden. With so many different cultivars of Heliopsis available in different heights, blooms and foliage colours there is one that will fit any sunny garden. The Heliopsis featured …

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Echinacea – Coneflowers With such a great selection of bloom colours, heights and flower shapes to choose from, Echinacea have always been a favourite of ours at Plant Paradise Country Gardens. They are long blooming perennials that combine beautifully with every plant in the garden. They attract pollinators, bees and beneficial insects. Deadheading increases flower …

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Perennial Plant Combinations & Inspiration

Perennial Plant Combinations & Inspiration​ Beautiful gardens are ever-changing, living art creations dependent on design, plant combinations and a dedicated gardener to tend and edit them. A garden is never really finished. Change is always inevitable as one season flows into another. The reasons are plentiful. It may have been a harsh winter and the …

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Top 12 Long Blooming Perennials

Long Blooming Perennials for Continuous Bloom Long blooming perennials are the backbone to successfully creating a garden of continuous bloom. The gardens at Plant Paradise Country Gardens are a testament that continuous bloom is possible. Long blooming perennials are the key to success. For in-depth information on this subject, Lorraine Roberts has written the book, …

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