Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Packera obovata

Packera obovata

A tough groundcover, Packera obovata (roundleaf ragwort) is similar to its popular cousin, Packera aurea, but with a smaller round leaf and the ability to withstand drier, full-sun conditions without losing its verdant appearance! Flat-topped clusters (corymbs) of daisy-like flowers (3/4″ diameter) with yellow rays and yellow central disks bloom in spring (April-June) atop sparsely-leaved stems rising to 18″ tall. Flowering stems rise from a basal clump of serrate, rounded to spatulate leaves (to 2-4″ long) each of which tapers at the base into a long petiole. Upper stem leaves are much smaller, sessile and pinnately lobed.

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  • Light: Full sun to Full shade
  • Soil: Any type – the better the soil the better the plant grows
  • Moisture: Average – Dry
  • Benefits: Pollinators, Butterflies, Deer resistant, Long-Blooming
  • Height: 6 inches (not in flower) 16 to 18 inches when in flower
  • Blooms: Late spring to Early Summer
  • Foliage: Green Foliage forms a 4-6” tall mat; flower stalks reach 10-16” tall
  • Spacing: 18 inches
  • Growth Habit: Clump
  • Zones: 3-8

As the 2017 Destination Garden Centre of the Year, we have been growing and selling hardy, unique and hard-to-find perennials organically for over 12 years. We are always trialing and testing them in the botanical gardens at Plant Paradise Country Gardens. Our growing practices benefit the whole environment, including the pollinators and beneficial insects.

At Plant Paradise Country Gardens we control every aspect of growing plants on-site. This begins with mixing soil in the potting shed and all the steps in between until the fully grown plants are ready for your garden. This gives us the opportunity to have control over the quality. Our responsibility is to grow healthy plants that are environmentally sustainable. We use only organic gardening methods to grow high quality plants without the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Our plants are available in one, two or three gallon containers.

We DO NOT use NeoNicotinoids which is a pesticide used by many plant nurseries that sell to garden centres and big box stores. This pesticide is a known cause of the decline in the bee population. Everything a grower uses in plant production is systemically released into the molecular structure of the plant. This becomes a chain reaction in the long-term health and vibrancy of the plant and your growing environment.

By supporting our environmentally sustainable organic perennial nursery  you’ll be a part of the positive change that makes a difference in our environment. We believe you’ll see the difference.