Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Organic Perennial Garden

Organic Gardening

At Plant Paradise Country Gardens we practice and promote organic gardening. We do not use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers anywhere. It has never been necessary. We have allowed the natural defenses of nature to take control.

Organic Garden Fertilizers
Organic garden fertilizers contain natural plant and mineral elements to ensure a complete balance of nutrients. They are ecologically friendly with low environmental impact that will feed the soil and the plants, build good root system and improves soil microbial activity. The brand we have been using for many years with great success is Gaia Green 4-4-4 All Purpose Certified Organic Fertilizer. Available in a 10kg bag.

Worm Castings

Healthy, moisture retentive, well drained soil is one of the single most important elements of successful gardening. Creating healthy soil in sandy or clay soil is as easy as adding organic compost or worm castings. This increases moisture retention and improves the soil structure and fertility which encourages millions of micro-organisms to thrive. Their existence increases the absorption of essential minerals to the plants which creates better root growth and greater resistance to disease and pests.

Earthworm castings promotes plant growth and root structure and contains essential plant nutrients. It contains high organic matter, beneficial micro organisms and increases moisture retention. We sell certified organic worm castings.

Mycorrhizal fungi – Root Rescue
Root Rescue (mycorrhizal fungi) can be added when initially planting or even after you have already planted. This will naturally enhance and accelerate root growth which will create greater performance and resistance to disease and pests. One 45 gram package inoculates 40 one gallon plants. Also available in a 22.5 gram package and for a great savings on large projects it is available in a 450 gram package.

Easy to use. Mix one teaspoon with water in a 7 liter watering can. Pour directly on the roots when planting or pour around a plant that has already been planted. One time application for the life of the plant or until it is moved or divided. Can be used on everything you grow – perennials, vegetables, annuals, indoor plants, trees, shrubs…

Perennials that attract Beneficial Insects
Not using pesticides or herbicides encourages birds, toads, frogs, snakes and beneficial insects to thrive and create balance in the garden. With the addition of perennials that attract beneficial insects you will encourage them to live permanently in your garden.

Why not to use Synthetic Fertilizers
The nitrogen in synthetic oil-based fertilizers is derived from the petroleum industry. Over time with the use of synthetic fertilizers, residues of arsenic, lead and a long list of equally toxic substances remain in the soil indefinitely. These toxic substances are absorbed systemically into the cellular structure of the plants you grow.

Correct Watering Practices
Initially, new plants require regular watering until they are established. If it has not rained, vegetable gardens will require watering. Deep water all of your plants to penetrate to the depth of the roots. Depending on the plant, this can mean a depth of between 2 to 8 inches. Shallow watering creates shallow root growth. Watering deeply and less frequently you will grow healthier plants with deeper roots that will be less susceptible to drought, disease and pests. Incorrect watering is a key reason why some plants may not overwinter, become weak and are prone to disease and pests.