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Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Informative Zoom Webinars with Lorraine Roberts

We have had many requests for Lorraine to offer garden workshops and Powerpoint presentations that were very popular in the past. Due to COVID restrictions, this has not been possible. She is now offering Zoom Powerpoint presentations for horticultural meetings or events. Contact us to book Lorraine Roberts for your next horticultural meeting or event.

Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden Powerpoint Presentation

In this presentation, Lorraine Roberts takes you on a journey of creating beautiful plant combinations. She artistically uncovers the design techniques and history behind the creation of the spectacular perennial gardens that have drawn visitors to her award-winning, 24 acre botanical garden and organic perennial nursery Plant Paradise Country Gardens in Caledon Ontario.

Lorraine Roberts is a lifelong organic gardener, environmental advocate and educator for sustainable organic gardening methods. She is a perennial expert, garden designer, pastel artist, photographer, former musician/composer/recording artist and author of two books, Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden and A Recipe for Continuous Bloom (sold out). Every spring you’ll find Lorraine in the greenhouse potting the thousands of perennials she grows and sells at Plant Paradise Country Gardens.

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