GardenFest July 6 & 7 2019

Group Tours of the Botanical Gardens at Gardenfest
Group Tours of the Botanical Gardens at Gardenfest

Get planting inspiration and fresh ideas at the 12th anniversary open house celebration!

The Gardenfest open house weekend at Plant Paradise Country Gardens celebrates with free admission to tour the botanical gardens. This free open house weekend gives individuals the opportunity to join a guided group tour that is usually only available to large groups. On the guided tour you will learn gardening insights & tips from Lorraine Roberts, garden designer, owner & author of A Recipe for Continuous Bloom and Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden. Our botanical gardens and organically grown perennials are a testament that you can have a beautiful garden without pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.

Festival goers will be wowed by fascinating perennials that thrive in Ontario climates. Take a walk in the forested trails, follow the creek trail and experience the natural beauty. This environmentally sustainable destination brings you closer to nature. Shop for unique, hard-to-find, high quality plants that are available at the on-site organic perennial nursery/garden centre.

What better place is there to learn about gardening than surrounded by summer’s stunning flower display in bloom at GardenFest 2019?

Get inspired, learn and enjoy:

  • New long-blooming plants and spectacular plant combinations
  • Ways to garden environmentally sustainably
  • The all-natural secret to eliminating weeds
  • Attract butterflies, pollinators and beneficial insects

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