Free Garden Workshops

Get planting inspiration and fresh ideas at our free spring gardening workshops. Our on-going educational programming encourages you to get out and grow.

Many workshop to choose from:

  • Dividing Perennials
  • Creating a Pollinator Garden
  • Spectacular Plant Combinations
  • Creating a garden of Continuous Bloom
  • Sensational Shade Perennials
  • Starting & growing your own Organic Vegetable Garden

Free admission but registration is required.  See below.


Garden Workshops for 2018

Daylily - Dividing Perennials at our free garden workshops at Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Dividing Perennials

Saturday April 14 – 10:00am

Over time most perennials require dividing to revitalize them. Spring is a great time to divide emerging plants. In this fun outdoor workshop, Lorraine will demonstrate the many varied techniques of successfully dividing perennials so that you will learn the skills required.

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Yellow Swallow Tail  Butterfly

Pollinator Garden

Saturday April 21 – 10:00am

Creating a butterfly sanctuary in your backyard will add to the many benefits of gardening. The ‘buzz word’ in gardening these days is pollinator plants. Bees, butterflies and beneficial insects – learn how to choose plants that will feed them and keep them coming back for more.

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Spectacular Plant Combinations - free gardening workshops at Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Spectacular Plant Combinations

Saturday April 28 – 10:00am

In this very popular PowerPoint presentation, Lorraine Roberts will demonstrate how to create beautiful perennial combinations from an artist’s perspective. To inspire you, she will be highlighting techniques and photos from her book, Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden.

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Continuous bloom at Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Continuous Bloom

Saturday May 5 -10:00am

Continuous bloom in the perennial garden can be an elusive skill, but Lorraine will guide you choosing long-blooming perennials that are the backbone to being successful.

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Sensational Shade perennials workshop at Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Sensational Shade Perennials

Saturday May 12- 10:00am

From years of growing, planting and trialing perennials in our botancial gardens we can recommend some of the best plant performers for shade. Save time and money with our expert knowledge.

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Organic Vegetable Gardening workshop at Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Starting Your Organic Vegetable Garden

Saturday May 19 – 10:00am

Learn the methods required to organically grow tasty, healthy vegetables – Tips on seed starting, soil preparation, weed control and bug control to planting. Bring your garden gloves to participate. Not essential, but guaranteed more fun.

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