Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Plant Paradise Country Gardens

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Lorraine Roberts provides expert horticultural knowledge and landscape garden design artistry to create spectacular, ecologically sustainable gardens. With decades of hands-on organic plant cultivation, Lorraine brings an incomparable knowledge of the “right plant for the right place”.


Lorraine Roberts is a lifelong organic gardener, environmental advocate and educator for sustainable organic gardening methods. She is a perennial expert, garden designer, photographer and author of two books: Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden and A Recipe for Continuous Bloom. Lorraine and her husband Robert are the owners of the multi-award winning – Plant Paradise Country Gardens™ located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. The botanical gardens at Plant Paradise Country Gardens were created by Lorraine and are an ever changing, artistic expression of her love of gardening.

Symphony Garden July 2020 at Plant Paradise Country Gardens, Caledon Ontario

Photo below taken August 2019: Hillsburgh, Ontario, Garden Project Completed in 2018

Updated Photo taken August 2020

Photos taken in 2018: Caledon, Ontario, Garden Project Completed in 2017