Plant Paradise Country Gardens


Plant Paradise Country Gardens

The Gardener’s Club

New for 2020 at Plant Paradise Country Gardens is The Gardener’s Club. It is for savvy gardeners that see the value of well rooted, unique, organically grown perennials.

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Perennial Catalog

We grow hardy, unique and hard-to-find perennials. We only use organic gardening methods to grow high quality plants without the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.

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Group Tours

Discover first-hand how this 24 acre property has been transformed into gardens, nature trails and an organic perennial nursery.  Book your tour today.

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Destination Garden Centre Of The Year Award to Plant Paradise Country Gardens in Caledon, ON
Plant Paradise Country Gardens ™ is the 2016 Headwaters Tourism award winner for Best Nature & Leisure Visitor Experience.